Dear Deuce

About Me

Hi. What brings you here?

I love two things in the world: research and writing. But research can be about anything, so is writing. So really, I like everything in the world.

I also believe the best things in life are free. So I am running a nonprofit for open research and free mentorship, and I am writing here for free (not that it is worth any money, of course).

Dear Deuce is a simple site. It is nearly not qualified to be called a website in the modern sense as it allows no commenting, highlighting, clipping or clapping, liking or disliking, subscribing or following, or anything really. It just allows reading. It doesn’t hyperlink you anywhere, or mean to keep you here. It wants to be a book, having only two book-states: either it’s open and inviting, or it’s closed and forgotten.

I can’t really say what my writing style is. I call it “a sentimental thing.” It is personal and vulnerable, deeply serious and almost heroically ideal; it’s all those things that once made me feel like an alien, but now I have given them a home.

My most popular posts are The Whimsical Mr Piano and Dear Deuce II, and my personal favorite is Sunday and I.

English is not my native language; I only started English literary writing in 2017, in my 30s. I know, I am awesome. So are you.